Home Haul

Yes I went shopping! I love home shopping and decorating so I went to Ikea some time ago. Unfortunately it was the day my room mate told me I have to move out in summer (nooo!!)

Therefore some of the things I bought are still packed and waiting in my shelf. I don't want to use things in this flat where I have to move out.
First I got some decorating glass bowls in which I now store some lipsticks and clothe stuff like buttons.
This black thing (I have no idea how this is called^^) I use to store my sun glasses in, because before I was never able to find them.
I also got those colorful waiters or tray (please tell me how they're called.. my English vocabulary is not the best!). I like the colors but as some of the other stuff they wait in my shelf getting all dusty :( I will store them in the kitchen as soon as I have a new place!
One of the things I didn't get from Ikea are those chopping boards, they are also very colorful and still boxed as new. Am I the only one who doesn't want to share things with a person you will soon see no more? (does this sentence make sense??) These are from tchibo.

I also wanted to make my dark blue sofa a bit brighter for spring/summer so I bought these three pillow slips! They are so pretty and except of the left one fit perfect for the cushions which came with my sofa (also Ikea!). The left one was way too big so I made it fit, it is still a bit bigger than the other ones but I think it's nice having different sizes.

I wanted some nice new plants which survive in my bright but not too sunny room and don't need a lot of water. So I went for some cacti (?? weird word), this big pot (?) and yellow decorating stones to make a DIY I saw at essiebuttons Spring Trilogy.

We have some bowls but I thought these would be so nice as they are colorful and bigger than our usual ones. I use them mostly for pasta as I'm not eating a lot of cereals at the moment. As the other stuff I got these from Ikea and store them in my room...

Keeping it colorful I got these mugs from tchibo. They are so lovely, not that big and in the same color-range as the chopping boards! Love them!

Last but not least I got those egg cups from Ikea. Again you can see I love colors! Haven't used them much, they are more getting dusty! Hopefully time changes!

I hope you like my little haul. Maybe I will do some again as I'm moving!

Love, XO