A Week(End) In My Life

For this post I thought I'd do something more about my life! So these were the pictures I posted on instagram (follow me: @minavarina) during the last week.
I am working in July and in the evening I'm most of the time pretty alone as it seems nobody else is still in Vienna. So I don't really like going home directly after work because I wouldn't go out anymore and it becomes pretty boring. But I also try not to spend a lot of money as I don't need to...
The Weekend before I was visiting my bf and - as stupid as I am - I didn't recap my nail polish well and it spilt in my suitcase. I nearly cried as I saw there is only half of it left anymore.. but well, it could be worse :(

On wednesday my parents visited me as I need a dress for a wedding we're invited next week and I wanted my mom to help me look for one. It was pretty hot this day so we got the BEST ICE CREAM in town - Eis Greissler! I went for pear and apricot because I love fruity ice cream the most (except stracciatella). If you ever visit Vienna you need to taste this (well, in summer ;) ), there is one near the Stephansplatz in the Rotenturmstraße and one on the Mariahilferstraße.
I couldn't find a dress but I got this black and white jumpsuit.

On thursday I was looking for a new bikini but I couldn't find one. I bought this nice black hat and a bright blue skirt I will wear for the wedding (I will do an extra blogpost about it).
I also tried on this flower dress from h&m, my mom really likes it but I feel to young for this (awkward?)
On Friday I went home, finally, for the first time since Easter holidays..

It was the perfect weather to spend some time at home. I can't stand the heat in the city! I enjoyed lying under a massive tree and do nothing else than sleeping, reading and swimming! Fortunately we have a pool at home which is the best thing when its over 30 degrees outside.

I didn't care about anything, was just wearing my dark green bikini from last year (H&M), sometimes these shorts (also h&m), but I'm not quite sure what top I should pair to these?? If you have any suggestions for a top, please leave a comment! :)
My favorite nail polish is essie and my current shade is Tart deco, on my lips I sometimes wore this Astor Lipcolor Butter. Also I wore this hat from h&m I bought on thursday and these Puma flip flops.
The book I read is in German, so please excuse if you can't understand: "Der Fürst des Panamas" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon - who wrote a lot of those book, all based in Barcelona!

I hope you all had a nice weekend as I did! I'm now back at working but I hope next weekend will be as good!