June Favourites!

It's time for my June favourites!
Most of them I got for my birthday and I've been loving all of them!

My favourite perfume of the month (and probably of the next couple ones!) is La vie est belle by Lancôme! It smells so good!! I got it from my mom, she has been talking about it the whole year since Christmas and I once tasted it in a shop. I have to admit I expected to get it but I was so excited!!

Since my hair has had too many of those "bad hair days" I decided to treat them and myself something more expensive than the usual 3-6€ treatments! I bought two of the John Frieda Frizz Ease: the Daily Miracle Treatment Leave-In Conditioner and the Secret Agent® Perfecting Crème. (I hope I got the English names right, as you can see the once I got are German!) I use the Leave-In Conditioner right after washing my hair before I brush it and I'm overwhelmed about how good it is! I spend a lot of days at my bf's home where I don't have them and the last time I washed my hair it was so frizzy :(
Actually I use the creme a lot less because I prefer spraying!

Last year I spent a couple of days in Berlin with a lovely friend and the coffee in our hotel was so bad that we went to McDonalds every day. We didn't want to drink just coffee so we went for the Chai Latte. Since then I'm in love with it! Some people have told me the Chai Latte there doesn't taste as it should and I've tried some others but I have to admit I like the one from McDonalds a lot more!
Last summer I spent some time on the countryside and I was in a small café where they made Chai Latte with a powder and you could buy it there. So I got this Tiger Spice Chai!! Mhhh!! But I have to admit I'm not quite sure how much you're supposed to put in it. The description is in English and German and both quite imprecise, but I guess I'll figure it out sooner or later!

As I am trying to be more fit and run more it was pretty unpleasant to go jogging with my big smartphone just to have some music with me! I own an old iPod Classic but unfortunately this one decided to give up working any other than adapted to my stereo equipment. So I decided to get a new one. I opted for some ipod shuffle but the price of nearly 50€ was a bit too much for my taste. I then stumbled over this little Mp3-Player which I got for 20€ at tchibo! It has 4GB which is more than enough for the kilometers I run!

So in June it finally was getting summery and I went for some Essie nail polishes. I probably mentioned them in a post before but I've been using the base coat all of the time as my nails are rubbish :(
I guess I got Mint Candy Apple already in April but a few weeks ago I wen for the white-lilac shade Go Ginza, so I guess I didn't mention this one before! I will do another post about some nail art in the next weeks!
Most of the lipsticks I have are so cheap I wanted a special one! My bf got me a MÄC one, well we were looking together which shade I would like. This is the shade Hot Gossip and I think it's gorgeous since I need a everyday-shade more because I don't have any special occasion ;)

On to the non-beauty related stuff!
My friend made me this so cute owl! I love it! The colours are perfect! :) 
She also got me this DVD you can see. It's About Time, and I think this movie is so beautiful! I haven't had the time to watch it again but I will soon!
To stay with the movie theme: I saw the trailer for The Fault In Our Stars and I decided to read the book first before watching it. I didn't take me long and I finished it with tears in my eyes! Unfortunately I got it in German, but I bought another John Green book in English (I have to improve my English skills!)