Outfit Post: Mint and White!

As it is so wonderful outside and I'm getting more and more into fashion, I went for something "new". At least it's new to me! I  have always been into shopping, but never quite got it right, so as I'm reading more blogs now I got a lot more inspiration for what's beautiful.

So I went shopping, sale has already started and even if I'm not that big of a fan for Sale shopping I went into H&M and actually got something in Sale. I got this mint high waisted skater skirt for 7€ (now it's for 5€); unfortunately it's a size Large, so I can't wear it really high waisted but I like it anyway!

I combined this white top, which was not in Sale and I also bought it in black because it is nice and chic! This combination is comfortable, but also "posh" (I don't know if I use this right?). The top was about 15€ which I think is quite pricy but it's chic!