Venture Vienna 101: Wiener Prater

Maybe you have already recognized that I'm currently living in Vienna for studying.
Henceforth I want to start a little series of blogposts on what you can do in Vienna either if you live here or you're just visiting and sight seeing.
The first one I want to dedicate to an area which is full of adventures: the Wiener Prater!
For all of you who don't know what I'm talking about, the Wiener Prater is like an adventure park located in Vienna. But it's more than only adventure, it also consists of a recreation area and a lot more.
But for now I will only talk about the adventure as I was there a couple of weeks ago.

The adventure park of Wiener Prater is also called "Wurstelprater" and one of the biggest highlights there definitely is the Schweizerhaus, which is a big restaurant with viennese and Austrian specialities. One of the most known dishes is the knuckle of pork, for which you pay per kilos and it is, as I would say, enough for 3 people!
Apart from that there are a lot of places to eat different snacks from all over the world, for example lángos etc.

Now back to adventure! I'm not the biggest fan of roller coasters and I've only tried a few things! You can find fun houses, tunnels of horror different roller coasters... I will only describe a few as I don't want to spoil anything!
First we went on the biggest chain carrousel, from up there you have an impressive view over the whole city and you can see how big the Prater actually is.
Tip: Take off your shoes and leave them on the ground, it's not as much fun when you're worrying about your feet ;)

On of the most scary things I was ever been on was the Black Mamba! It is pretty scary to go up very high, turning around and see nothing but sky until the world comes back again upside down. It's definitely nothing for bad nerves and even if I'm a brave young woman (haha) I was scared (nearly to death). I didn't have the feeling of being secured enough because I was slipping back and forth in my seat. Fortunately everything went well and I'm still alive!
Tip: Also take your shoes of and if you have long hair tie them well!

Shortly afterwards we went on the Break Dancer which nearly knocked me out! I like these kind of attractions but to go on after the scary Black Mamba was not a good idea. I needed a break, sit down and drink something.
Tip: Make sure to tense your neck muscles, it's not very pleasant to bump your head against the car!

Our last stop were the bumper cars which was absolutely hilarious as it was just me and my friends bumping into each other as fast as we could.
Tip: Either leave your bag outside or make sure to secure it neatly. Also don't share a car as long as you're no kid, it's a lot more fun!

Last but not least I might need to mention the Ferris Wheel! I took a ride on it a couple of years ago but you can hardly miss it as it is located at the entrance to the Wiener Prater. It truly is an impressive attraction and I guess everybody needs to go up there at least once!

If you visit the Prater one day, please let me know and if you've been there, leave a comment about what you liked the most!

All pictures are taken by me.