What's on my nails - ESSIE pastel combination

To mention first: I'm a little loser when it comes to painting my nails! I always get nail polish on every part of my hands and often can't sit still long enough for it to dry properly...
Also I got a lot of these little bubbles and didn't know why until I saw a post of ESSIE:
Silly as I was I always shook my nail polish as wild as I could... Oops!
Now I know better and I'm gentle as I can be.

As I have a lot of alone-time at the moment I spent a lot of it for my nails because normally I can't be as still but now I can. At the moment I'm always going for light, pastel colors and I love ESSIE nail polishes and I think they last very long. This time I couldn't decide between three shades so I thought I'd take all of them and try something new (for me).

I took the shades Lapiz Of Luxury, Go Ginza and Mint Candy Apple for a nice combination. At first I painted my nails with a base coat to make them even and then took Go Ginza for most of my nails and for a few Mint Candy Apple. I let it dry (probably not long enough ;) ), took some scotch tape pieces to obtain straight lines and painted over it with a different color. Some needed a second coat and when it was dry I took a shiny top coat for a nice finish!

Please tell me what you think of it and if you like it and leave a comment down below!