What's in my bag - Work edition

Hello again!
As you may have noticed I was working in July and I now want to share the content of my bag with you! I like to take the same bag for most of the time, to make sure I don't forget my work ID Card which I never take out when I'm home.
So this time I chose my plain black H&M bag, because it's big enough to fit everything in and I didn't want to spend money for a new bag just for one month.
Obviously I had my wallet with me every day, also my keys and my phone. Additionally I took my headphones - for listening to music on the underground -, tissues as I have "a cold" the whole year long. As it is not summery all of the time I had my umbrella with me just to be on the safe side and a deo for "emergencies" ;)
For the sunnier days I had my sunglasses in their case and also some hairbands if I ever feel the need to put my hair up. I also had some lip products with me: my Mac lipstick (Hot gossip), a lip balm and a lip stain.
I was working for an insurance company in their group actuary and I needed to take some notes or make my calculation on paper. Therefore I took a notebook, a map with sheets I received during that time and a pencil case with a small variety of useful pens.

Last but not least I never forgot to bring a water bottle with me to keep hydrated all day long.

What do you carry in your bag for work? What would you recommend me to add?

Love X