Travel Portugal - Stopping In Aveiro

This is another sneaky little post from Portugal before I go into detail where and when we were!

On our way from Porto to Lissabon we first stopped in Aveiro. We got there by train which was about 3,60€ and took approximately 1h and 10min. This day was our first day in Portugal with more than 25 degrees and it was so lovely as we had some pretty chilly nights in Porto.
We stayed in Aveiro just for a couple of hours, luckily the people at the train station were so nice to keep our luggage in their office as there were no lockers around.
As we wanted to get to Coimbra at about half past 3 there were a lot of people waiting in line to get their tickets. It was only possible to by them at the offices and somehow they decided to close one of the counters shortly before the train was due. The portuguese people really lack in their English skills and we didn't understand a word. We switched to the other counter and got our tickets 3min before the train left, but some others who were behind us in the queue got their tickets before us which was annoying.
But we made it to the train in time!

Here I show you some of the pictures I took in Aveiro, which is also called "Venice of Portugal"!

The old train station:

Love, Mina.