An Update and Instagram Review

Hello, I'm back!

I'm sorry this blog is lacking of posts at the moment! As an excuse I might say I'm back at university, don't have a room (yet) and my Lightroom is gone.
First the Lightroom story: I don't own any good picture program but I love to take my pictures in RAW. I have been using Lightroom as long as I can remember (for my RAW pictures) but I only had free test versions over the last months. As they always expire I switched from one version to another to still be able to edit all of my pictures. I may have to buy a full version soon...

And yes, I'm back at university. In August I had to move out of my room in a shared flat, at the moment I'm at my bf's but next week I'm finally moving into my new room and I'm pretty excited! I'll try to organize my room and keep it tidy, you may see some pictures soon.
Last week I started my Master studies at university, at first it was pretty hard as it is partially a new topic for me. But I'm excited and I like it a lot!