Hair Dye - Testing Schwarzkopf Nectra Color 2.0

As it was summer, more or less, my hair suffered. It was not really hot and really summery over a longer period but I was on holiday in Portugal for 2 weeks. You simply can't deny that the sun and the sea didn't leave my hair in a good condition. As you may have read I died my hair in July (read here) but two months later my hair was losing it's color and got lighter again. It reached at point were
I thought I need to get back!

It's not that I think it doesn't suit me, but I simply like myself better with darker hair (at the moment ;) ). As I was pretty satisfied with the Schwarzkopf Nectra Color I got the same color again. I think it's not that bad to dye my hair again after two and a half months as it was summer and I expected it to get lighter. My hair itself stayed okay, I used repair shampoo and conditioner to keep the damage to a minimum - tell me if you want me to do a haircare post!

Only in September, after I got back from London I was in need of a good hair treatment.
On the 22nd of September I dyed my hair again. At the beginning I was a little bit shocked as it seemed to have turned out black! But I got used to it and now I love it.
There is only one thing I did wrong: When I was applying the rest of the hair dye and most of my hair as my roots have already been covered I only put it in the ends of my hair. This lead to pitch black hair ends and a bit lighter roots/ top hair. I'm a bit concerned it will soon be very light on top and still dark in the ends, but when it does I might need to dye again only to keep and even result.
Again I have to say I really like this color, as it smells ok, it is enough for my humongous amount of hair and I think under "normal" conditions (no extra sun/sea water) it lasts for a while.
It now is not as dark anymore but I still like it and I think I might keep the darker color!

XO Mina