Kiko Haul

Hello again :)
I've hear a lot about the brand Kiko Cosmetics, beauty bloggers like Lily Pebbles raved about it and when I saw that there exist a few stores in Austria I was more than excited!
There is one in Vienna, but in a shopping center where I wouldn't normally go, especially not for only one shop. But as I saw another store in Upper Austria, where I could easily go - when I'm home - I asked a friend of mine if she would come with me. Two girls in a beauty store - oups! Her boyfriend was not amused that we spent about an hour or more in there.
The range of products is amazing! I normally go to drugstores because I'm not willing to pay a lot for cosmetics and the prices at Kiko are so low, my friend was nearly shocked.
I went for eye shadows and lipsticks and could hardly decide what NOT to get.

Just before I went to KIKO I watched Lily Pebbles Haul video and got really excited about the eyeshadows she mentioned, unfortunately I didn't memorize the numbers of the colors she had but I went for similar ones. I'm going to buy another "nude" palette soon, therefore I got some different shades here. I also got 19,10€ off (sale until June!) my 9 shades palette. In the top row from left to right are "Mat Desert Sand" (214), "Pearly Orchid Violet" (244), "Pearly Mahagony" (233);
middle row is "Metallic Rose" (219), "Metallic Copper" (211)" and "Pearly Wine" (234);
bottom row is "Satin Taupe Grey" (287), "Mat Dark Brown" (242), "Mat Intense Black" (295).
I will maybe do a KIKO-look soon, but so far I love them and I would buy a lot more.. 

My absolute favourites are the lipsticks! I always go for the more nudey colors, which are like "my lips but better", and I love the more mat-finish. In the drugstore I've never really found some lipsticks I like, but in the KIKO store I couldn't even decide and therefore I bought three similar ones!
Left to right: Velvet Mat - Satin Lipstick in the shade "Pink Carnation" (613), Luscious Cream - Creamy Lipstick in the shade "Pink" (502), Velvet Mat - Satin Lipstick in the shade "Strawberry Pink" (612).
See what I did there? Yes, I love this shades! And even though I thought I would like the mat ones more, I'm really impressed by the creamy one and may purchase another (or more...). And for a price of 6,90€ they are really affortable!

Next I bought a Soft Touch Blush in the shade "Candy Rose" (109), which is a lovely rosy color and it smells so nice! I also like how it looks on my cheeks, but at the moment I'm more into bronzer than blusher.

My last eye-item is this Smart Eye Liner in "Golden Silk" (800) which is a nice golden color. I think it is a nice addition to a glamorous look and I will also use it like a highlighter on my eyes.

The last thing I bought was the (new) Unlimited Foundation in the shade "Warm Beige 15", which is very light, even for me in winter a bit too light. The foundation itself is pretty thick and gives a mat finish. At first I wasn't really impressed by it because it makes my skin look caky and worse because I already have dry skin. But now I mix it with my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, so the shade becomes a bit darker and it isn't as mat anymore. Anyway I don't need powder with it and I need to be careful on my dry patches. I already messed it up once.. so oups.

I'm sure there will follow another KIKO haul soon. Do you have any recommendations what I should buy? Only the nail polishes are not what I want.

Love, X