A Nude-ist In A Velvet And Rouge Edition

I may have mentioned this product before but I wanted to dedicate a whole blogpost to it.
When I was in London in September I bought the Borjois Rouge Edition Velvet "lipstick" in the shade Nude-ist. I've heard some good things about it and as it isn't available in Austria I thought I'd buy it in the UK. Unfortunately the shades are very bold and there are no real nude colors, which made it a bit hard for me to choose one.

I am not a real fan of bold lipsticks and the only shade which was okay for me is called Nude-ist, but it is pretty intense. 

It's thicker than a lipgloss but has the same applicator and leaves a mat finish on your lips. You may need to get used to the scent, because it can smell a bit weird. It's said to last during the day and even when you are eating but I am not sure about this. I often have the feeling it fades when I drink or eat something.

For this I am not a hundred percent convinced but I am glad I bought it and it is a great addition to my little make-up collection.

Do you have any experience with this product? Would you recommend it?

Love X