Glossybox - Body&Soul Edition (Jan)

It's time for another glossybox review! The new year has arrived and so has my third glossybox. After the Christmas holidays the theme they choose was Body&Soul, probably to recover your body after days of eating (too much). So I think a pretty good theme and the products matched perfectly!

At first I was not majorly impressed, this may be due to the fact that the first thing to catch my eye was the Nivea shampoo. Not that I don't like it, but I'd rather expect to receive something new which I wouldn't buy myself. Nevertheless I use it and I'm glad that I got the Color one (others may have got Volume), a few days before I dyed my hair again. I can't say anything about the effect yet. My hair has been in an awful state until a few days ago when I got them cut. If my current color stays longer than before (about 2 months until I noticed them getting lighter) I'll report back!

The next product was from Royal Apothic and is called "Tinties". I read "Lip Butter" first and was a bit disappointed because I already got a lip butter two months ago. This one, however, is tinted, it has a nice coral color touch - but I didn't really like the first try of it.
I am not the greatest fan of lip glosses and this lip butter has a slight glossy finish, maybe I'll try once more or someone else gets it!

My absolute favorite is the Monu Fiji Facial Treatment Oil. I have never used any oil on my face before although I should have because I have very dry skin. Especially in Winter i suffer from dry patches on my face, which make my foundation look so caky and awful. I have been using this facial treatment oil several times, mostly at night and soon after I started the dryness vanished to a minimum. I will continue using it and I consider buying a facial oil soon, but the downside of this package is the wide opening which makes it very hard to get not too much oil on your hands.

The next product was and eye serum from Diadermine which should reduce wrinkles and give a radiant glow. I have used it for a couple times but my sensitive skin doesn't like it much and it bites under my eyes. Maybe I will hand this over to my mum who might get more out of it.

The last product might sound a bit gross, because: who would want garlic on their nails?
It's a garlic nail treatment by Absolute New York, which should strengthen the nails and help them grow. It doesn't smell like garlic at all, it is more like a normal, clear shiny varnish which you should put on your nails about 2 times a week. My nails have been rubbish over the last months as they chipped, have dents and lines. With this nail treatment they do look healthier and stronger but I am not sure they actually are! The dents are still visible and they break as they did before. And the treatment chips off as well. So I am not sure if it helps, but I will keep on using it because at least it doesn't seem to worsen it!

Have you received a gloss box yourself? What do you think of it?

Love X