Healthy Breakfast - Quinoa and Millet with Fruits

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If you follow me on Instagram (@minavarina) you may have seen a bowl of fruits lately. I have had a lot of health issues the last couple of months and I was told to try eating a warm breakfast.
Since I am not a fan of spicy food in the morning and always eat sweet (mostly bread and homemade jam). But this is a nice and different breakfast I really enjoy when I have time to, because unfortunately it's not quick!

What you need:
Water (and milk if you want)
various fruits you like - in my case an apple, an orange, pomegranate, blueberries and dried cranberries

Depending on how much you want you prepare your millet-quinoa mixture. I would say about 4 tablespoon together would be a good bowl full. I have mixed quinoa and millet in a jar to have it ready (same amount of both) so I simply take 4 tablespoons out of it. If you store it separately just take 2 tsp of quinoa and 2 tsp of millet. You need about 4-times the amount of water which would be about 1/2 liter for 4 tablespoons. If you want you can also take only half water and the other half milk.

My stove is pretty lame so I like to cook the water before I put in the millet-quinoa mixture but I guess you can prepare it and heat together.
I also like to chop an apple into pieces and put it in to let it cook with the mix to add a bit warmth and sweetness to it.
You have to let it cook for about half an hour - therefore not a quick breakfast! Remember to stir it from time to time. 

While it is cooking you can take your time and prepare the fruits you like. So wash the blueberries, get the pomegranate kernels (?) out and peel and chop an orange. I also like to add dried fruits, here cranberries, which are a bit sweetened. Of course you can use whatever you like and if you don't have any you can add chopped nuts.

The mixture is ready when all liquid is gone and you can add the fruits. If you like it a bit sweeter just add honey and cinnamon.
And then: ENJOY!

Warmes Frühstück aus Hirse und Quinoa mit Früchten
Hirse-Quinoa Mischung (1:1) mit 4-mal so viel Flüssigkeit (Wasser oder wenn man will Milch) für 30min kochen. Für eine volle Schüssel passen ungefähr 4 Esslöffel Mischung mit 1/2 Liter Wasser.
Ich finde es lecker einen Apfel in kleinen Stücken mitzukochen und den Rest des Obstes danach dazuzugeben. Man kann auch Nüsse und Rosinen hinzufügen. Wenn man es süßer möchte kann man einfach Honig und Zimt dazugeben und fertig ist das warme Frühstück!
Leider dauert es relativ lange aber vor allem mit dem Obst schmeckt es super lecker!