How To Repair Your Hair

Hello my loves!
One of the most asked questions about hair might probably be "how to repair damaged hair" and I've learned the hard way. Don't ask me why, but during the last couple of months (over half a year) my hair care hast been down to a minimum.

Not that I didn't wash my hair, but I somehow forgot to let my hair cut. I have never been the biggest fan of going to the hair dresser because they NEVER got my hair right and I had to pay way to much. The last time I went (in 2011 I think) I paid 100€ and went out crying because I looked like a chipmunk but I wanted to go lighter and not stripy.
After this I swore to myself I would never go to a hair dresser again, as long as it's not a really good one (and no "chain") and they know what to do with curly hair. Most of the time I looked like a poodle because the blow dried my hair in a weird way.
Nevertheless since then I have never been to a hair dresser but I got my hair cut from a very good friend. I always washed my hair myself and styled it afterwards how I wanted it. Additionally she never cut too much what a lot of hair dressers like to do.

Back to the story: After the summer I was so stressed with uni and finding a flat that I somehow forgot to care about my hair and get it cut sometime. In November it then started to get worse and worse as the curls didn't want to be as curly as they could and I didn't like my hair anymore. I worked a lot with my curling wand to achieve an acceptable look but this damaged my hair even more.

I tried a lot! I bought so much hair stuff which says to repair spliss etc. At the end of the summer when my hair was a bit dry from the holidays I started using more expensive shampoo and conditioner as John Frieda and Aussie. But from November on I got so disappointed of this all and thought it wouldn't work. I used several treatments on my hair more regularly but nothing would work until I finally realised what's the only help I could get.


At the beginning of February I finally got a real chop. Especially my top hair was so damaged that my curls didn't even appear. I got about 10cm chopped off and even now I'm a bit crying because I loved having my hair long but there was no reason to keep the spliss. On the bottom I added a (rather bad) picture where I had my hair long and you can see that the curls didn't show off. This was after washing my hair and normally one day later they where tangled and looked awful.
On the other pictures I helped out with my curling wand (sorry!) but they look so nice without it now, so I don't need to do anything with it!

Sorry for the long and rambling post. What I wanted to say is that there is no other way than cutting your hair to repair split ends. If you're interested in my hair care routine, stay tuned as I will do a blogpost about this soon!

Thanks and have a lovely day!