Kiko Haul #2

Yes! I went to Kiko again #sorrynotsorry

I wanted to change one of my eyeshadows because I was not so convinced of the color. It didn't show up as light on my eye as I wished it would and I bought "Sparkling Dahlia Rose" (221). Which is a very light, a bit glittery pinky shade at it goes perfectly with the four purple and red colors I have.

The one I took out was "Metallic Rose" (219), maybe I will buy another palette soon where I can put it in. I truly love the eyeshadows from Kiko, their color and consistence is amazing!

Next I went for the Automatic Precision Eyeliner and Khôl in "Multicolor Gray" (715) and "Black" (716). At the moment I love this kind of eyeliner a lot and I do like these too. I don't think they are super pigmented and I'm not sure yet about their durability. I use them mostly on my upper waterline to create a more intense lash line.

As I am a big fan of bronzing I wanted to try the Bronzer Powder too and went for the shade "Spicy Brown" (101). I like it but I don't think it is amazing, and the color range could be a bit better I think.

The last item I bought was the Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation, unfortunately I went for the shade "Neutral 30" which is still too dark for my light skin. Therefore I might buy another one soon and hope this one fits me better in summer because I do like it.

Additionally I wanted to buy a brow product but the ones they had didn't convince me and the color range was awful, the only brown stuff they had didn't suit me.  Do you have any recommendations about products which I should try?