Sensational Lashes Make The Girls Go Whoop

After hearing some people (especially velvetgh0st) rave about the new Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara I needed to get it. And since I had a little mascara clear out and it was a bit reduced I picked it up two weeks ago.

It looks like a normal mascara (in a beautiful colored package) with a plastic, curved wand which I really like. The spikes (?) are shorter, close together on one side and a bit longer on the other, so it grips the lashes and gets even the shorter ones.

I am really impressed about its effect! My lashes look way longer and fuller than they normally are and it doesn't take ages to build it up. It's super black, gives definition and volume as well and it lasts pretty long.

I can really recommend buying and trying the Lash Sensational mascara if you are looking for a new one.