Take or Toss - Astor Big & Beautiful Style Muse Mascara

I've been a lover for Astor mascaras for quite a while now, I even have to admit for about 3 years I only used Astor Big&Beautiful Boom! mascaras as they are/where quite cheap and worked pretty good. It was only last year when I got more into beauty that I started to try some other mascaras.
In autumn I came across a package of this quite beautiful mascara with an eye liner and combined I only paid about 10€ for both. From the beginning on I wasn't the greatest fan of this mascara but I started to like it after not using it for a couple of weeks.

Only this week meant the end of it. I've already had problems with this curled wand but this week each time I tried it the wand got in my eyes. Needless to say it ruined my make-up it also hurt a lot!!

I recon this comes from the curled wand and I may not be able to use it properly. But nonetheless I decided today that I will toss this one. It is not worth hurting my eyes everytime, doesn't matter how good it could work.
I don't want to say it is a rubbish product, it's just not working for me (I may be too clumsy for it), it could work for you and soon I will definitely post more about products I'm convinced about!

Love X