Urban Decay Naked Palette

Yes, I couldn't resist getting the Urban Decay Naked Palette after hearing and reading so much about it!
I ordered it already at the end of January and got it on the 2nd of February but I wanted to try it out before writing a post about it. I have heard so much about it that my hopes and expectations where massively high. But when I got it I was a bit overwhelmed, I've never owned anything like this and the range of colors got me majorly excited. At first I couldn't even decide with which shades I should start and try out without getting all twelve on my eyes.

Their consistence is great, the color payoff is great, the range of shades is great!
But my first looks where a bit, well, debatable. Now after some tries I finally know for which shades I go to get a day look, and which ons create a good smoky night time eye.
I may as well do some posts about several looks I create with it soon!

Until then the only thing I have to say is that I need to stay strong not to buy all the other naked palettes!