Garnier Micellar Cleanser In Two Versions

If you are in any way reading beauty blogs you might have come across this Garnier Micellar Cleanser, which is said to be a cheaper version of the Bioderma cleanser. I got mine back in October for 6,99€ in dm and I have been using it nearly everyday since.
Before I have been using the Nivea Make-up remover since the day I started using make-up  - so about 8-9 years. The Nivea one isn't the greatest and especially mascara needs a lot of rubbing to get it off. But the Garnier Micellar Cleanser is alright and it's way faster to get off all of my make-up. It has happened a lot that I woke up with black patches under my eyes from the remaining mascara on my eyes. With the Micellar Cleanser I have never problems with getting off everything.

I can't say anything about the comparison to the Bioderma Cleanser because I have never used this. Since I like this one I got another Micellar Cleanser (4,49€ from Müller - be careful where you buy it!), which is a bit different but I don't quite know which one does what better.

I am very satisfied with this Cleanser but do you have another recommendation? Except for the Bioderma one which I might finally get soon.