Mac "Hot Gossip"

The first Mac lipstick I got was actually a gift from my bf, but with my help. A view days before my birthday I went to the Mac counter with him to look through and swatch some lipsticks. I had the intention to go for "Plumful", because I heard essiebutton rave about it so often!

But when we actually swatched I let my bf choose between "Plumful" and "Hot Gossip" which he liked a lot. I thought this might make it a bit of a surprise and he then got me the later one.

Since it's my first and has been my only Mac lipstick for a long time I didn't want to use it too often. But now I don't see why. I think it is important to use it regularly, even though one might think it's too good to use (or too expensive for someone like me). I want to get more into wearing a lipstick every day and especially this one.

Somehow I don't one a lot of "every-day" colors, so if you have any recommendations, please leave them in a comment below!
I'll probably go look for a red shade that suits my skin tone and doesn't wash me out soon too.