Meet The Pink On My Lips

For the last years I have be
en trying to get used to bright red lipsticks. But I was never able to pull any red shade off without feeling ridiculous or simply wrong.

But some time ago, I guess it was last year in spring I was looking for matt lipsticks and found some at the Catrice stand. I ran from one dm store to another but they were sold out nearly everywhere until I finally got hold of them. They were the last ones on the stands there but I was very happy to get them.
I got two shades of the Catrice Velvet Lip Colour in "Meet Cherry" (C01) and "Meet Pinky" (C01), two bright pink shades.

"Meet Pinky" is a more lighter and blue toned pink while "Meet Cherry" is more of a berry pink. I guess they are not everyones cup of tea and especially the first one can look a bit too much. But somehow I am more comfortable wearing the cherry colour than a bright red one.

I really love the formula of these lipsticks, because they are very creamy and mat but they don't last that long.

Wearing "Meet Cherry"

Wearing "Meet Pinky"

Do you have similar colours you like to wear?

Love X