Travel Portugal - Lissabon

Since I already dedicated some posts to parts of our Portugal holiday, this one goes to the days we spent in Lissabon.

Sleeping & Food
We stayed in the Pensão Residencial Norte, located in Baixa, which I would say is the "center" of the city. We had our troubles with the accommodation, but I won't go into detail now. The location was ideal, we were able to explore a lot just by walking and had a lot of shops and restaurants close by.
For breakfast we went to cafés to get coffee and croissants, but I loved going to Eric Kayser, were we got coffee, orange juice, croissants and jam. It was so good I didn't even mind paying more than getting a coffee somewhere else. But be careful because in the center (Baixa) the prices can be higher, but we got coffee in Bairro Alto for 1€.
Lunch and dinner was more difficult because I didn't want to go anywhere just because they were offering everything in the streets. Bairro Alto was very nice in the evening, pretty full but a good atmosphere and you can stay there to get drinks etc.
We had our best dinner on the other side of the Tejo in Casilhas. A nice waiter (speaking German) explained us the various kinds of fish and their preparation. Also the price was good and not as high as in Baixa.

We stayed there for 4 nights and decided to get a 24hr ticket for Carris/Metro. It may be a bit confusing but this day ticket allows you to take the metros through the city, also every tram including the one going to Belém. It is also valid for the Elevador de Santa Justa but not for the funiculars - Sorry if this is wrong, I can't find this information anymore.
But for the price of 6€ it is very affordable! Especially if you want to go up the elevator Santa Justa.
There are also the old trams starting at Praça Figueira, which is definitely a highlight of this city. The queue can be very long here, but it is also possible to get on at the stop at the Sé.

One interesting trip was to the Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei. It is very easy to get there:
  • Take the ferry at Cais do Sodré to Casilhas.
  • Take the bus up to the stature
You get the tickets directly at the pier, just buy a retour ticket to Casilhas. From there you can take the bus up to Cristo Rei, I think it is the bus 101 (please check yourself), buy your retour ticket to Cristo Rei in the bus. (It costs about 3-5€ in total p.p.)
But be careful: We didn't look it up and they closed at 18:00 (6pm), so it was not possible to get near the statue as there is a fence around it.


 Ascensor da Gloria

Dinner in Casilhas

Mãe D'Água

National Pantheon

View from the Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (View from the Padrão dos Descobrimentos)

Torre de Belém

View over the Parque Eduardo VII 

View over Tejo from Casilhas

Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei