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As a throwback and upcoming summer holiday planning time I thought I'd dedicate some posts to my last holiday in Portugal.
We started our two weeks off in Porto (for a more detailed journey I have a post online in German!).

Sleeping and Food
Since our flight landed around midnight we decided to stay one night at a hotel near the airport (Hotel Pedras Rubras*) and for the rest of the week we stayed at Residencial Belo Sonho* which was a small central accommodation. Since we had no breakfast included we went to some of the little café's where you can get a coffe (au lait) for 90c and butter croissants or other different pastries.
During the day we often went for a sandwich or another coffee and we went to get food in the evening, but not too late. We tried Portuguese food like cod and enjoyed drinking wine.

The first day we started off strolling around and exploring the city without any plan or map. This was so nice, a bit exhausting but we nearly saw everything of the city just by walking.
The second day we bought tickets for the Red Bus Tour which were 13€ per person for two days. It also included the entry for one of the port wine cellars "on the other side of the river". You have the option for I think 2 or 3 cellars and we went to Cockburns in the very last minute we could. It was interesting and our family and friends were very happy about getting some port wine home!
The red bus tour itself was also pretty nice and an easy way to get to the beach and through the city if you are too tired to walk. We also only needed a metro ticket from the airport to our hotel, because everything else is reachable by foot.
If you have time you can also do a boat tour along the Douro, which I guess is very very nice but unfortunately we couldn't.

Even though you might think it's in Portugal it's going to be hot there - you can be quite wrong. Especially when it gets dark it can get really cold and on the coast it's windy the whole day long. Even on the beach (or especially) it was windy, we could have gone swimming but it was too cold for us.
So don't forget to bring warmer clothes!

We only paid entry to the Torre dos Clérigos, which was about 3€ I think.
There's only one I have to mention: Livraria Lello & Irmão, this bookshop is so nice and you are not allowed to take any pictures in it (except on mondays?), but it's nice to visit! We also went for a coffee in Café Majestic, but compared to everything else it is way too expensive! 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
I caption all the pictures to show you where we have been. But we have literally just strolled around the city.

Igreja de Santo Ildefonso 

View over the city next to the Sé do Porto

Sé do Porto

Câmara Municipal do Porto

Torre dos Clérigos

Estação de São Bento

View over the Douro to the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar

Lighthouse Lady of Light

View of the city, Paço Episcopal do Porto

Port wine cellar, Cockburn's


  1. Wow! Die Bilder sehen so wundervoll aus – dass mich glatt das Reisefieber packt. In Portugal war ich letzen Sommer auch – schönes Land!

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