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View from the Stadshus over Gamla Stan

I've already posted a Stockholm picture post a while ago, but I wanted to rewrite it and give you a bit of insight in how we organized our Stockholm city trip.

In 2013 my mom and I went to Stockholm for four days at the end of August. We stayed at the Hotel Oden near Odenplan, but I just saw it is closed now.
We booked flights and hotel via a travel agency at home so we might have as well be able to find something cheaper.
When we arrived at the airport we bought return tickets for the bus to get into the city (I think it is cheaper if you are at a certain age) and the Stockholm Card at the tourist information. If you don't know, the Stockholm Card is a nice way to get free entry (or reduced) to many museums and also the metro system of the city. If you want more detailed information look at the Visit Stockholm site.

Some tips for the Stockholm Card:
One thing to mention is that when we first used it the person responsible (at the museum or metro station) needs to validate it and write date and time on it. Also every time in the metro stations we had to show it to the person and were not able to go through ourselves.
For us it was very useful that we got this cards, we bought them for 3 days as they are valide from the time you first used it.
We discovered a lot by just walking through the city. One of our first stops was the Stadshus, where we "climbed" the tower up to the top. Entry is free with the Card, but consider that they guide you and you can't go up any time. It's just because the tower and the way up is so narrow that they don't want people to go up and down at the same time. You have an amazing few over the old town Gamla Stan!

We visited the Stockholm Palace, the Wasa museum which I really recommend and the Riddarholmskyrkan (Riddarholm Church).

Also included is a boat tour which start the Strömkajen Ferry Terminals, where you have to get your (free ticket) at the register by showing your Card. We had a tour around Djurgården, and listened to the guide telling stories about everything. A boat tour is a great time to chill when you've been walking through town.

If you have time I recommend going to the Ericsson Globe, which is a bit out of the town but you get a great view over the dimension of the city and it's free (with Stockholm Card).

My highlight was the outdoor museum Skansen, where you can experience the life of the Swedish back in the day. You can taste and buy food like the Kanelbullar (I LOVE THIS) and step into the houses they had. There is also a zoo with bears and moose and I guess you can spend a whole day there!

Stockholm is not a cheap city, either food or shopping, but you can find some good places to eat. The first day we went into a little restaurant in Gamla Stan (I don't remember the name) where we ate Köttbullar, swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes. It was very very delicious and as far as I remember not that expensive. We got free water as it is common in Stockholm. Apart from that we tried the Kanelbullar as I mentioned, drank a glas of wine for 10€ and enjoyed life.

I will definitely go back there if I can, maybe with more money to embrace the swedish fashion sense and buy clothes.

View over the Norrström

Stockholm Palace

Nordiska museet

An old church in Skansen

An old house in Skansen


Köttbullar and Kanelbullar
Parliament House (SwedishRiksdagshuset)

From the Ericsson Globe


  1. Oooh sooo schöne Bilder :) UNd ich mag auch mal uuunbedingt nach Schweden!!!

    ich wünsch dir einen wunderschönen Start in den Tag,
    Liebste Grüße, Julia

    1. Dankeschön :) Ist richtig schön dort! Möchte auch unbedingt wieder hin und mehr vom Land erkunden.

      Danke dir auch ;)
      Liebe Grüße


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