KIKO Haul (Black Friday Weekend)

Black Friday came and went. And I didn't buy anything.
Until Sunday when a friend told me KIKO has 30% off everything! Not that I need anything or I had the money to place an order, but 30% definitely caught my eye and I couldn't help myself than go on the website and browse. I put a lot of things in my basket, took it out again and tried to think if I really really really need it. Surely I didn't need it, but I did end up with some pieces. Especially the eyeshadows are so nice, but I tend to only use palettes rather than single eyeshadows.

I eventually ended up with seven products with which I could nearly do my whole face. I am not the biggest fan of online shopping in this case because I find it quite hard to see if the shades are right and I like the colour. This time I would say I did quite well! While waiting for my express order which took 11 days to arrive I also went into a shop and had my hands on the exact same shad of lipstick I ordered.

I already have three Kiko lipsticks, well I should but I cannot find one of them :(. They are all very similar, just a typical "me-shade", soft pink, very natural and not too bold. It is one of the Gossamer Emotion Cream Lipsticks in the shade "107 - Mocaccino".

This lovely blush is from the Rebel Bouncy collection and in the shade "01 - Velvety Peach". It is very orangy and also quite creamy even though it looks like a real powder blush. Maybe it's not the best colour for the winter but at least in a few months I am sure it will be a good choice!

I weirdly found out that I don't really own a good powder, other than a translucent one. This is the Radiant Fusion Baked Powder in the shade "01 - Ivory". I definitely went for the lightest one because I get very pale during the winter.

If the powder then would however be too light I can warm things up with the Flawless Fusion Bronzer Powder I got in the shade "01 - Natural Tan".

I also wanted to try an alternative to the Catrice Brow Set and got the Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit for deep brunettes and blackhaired. I simply justified this because I often sleep at my boy's place and need some good make-up there too. It has a wax, a light and a dark colour and also similar tools as the Catrice set.

I then got the Definition Eyeliner since I don't own any liquid liner and want to get into using one!

Lastly I chose this Eye Base Primer to make my eye shadows last longer and look better! I have a similar old product from GOSH and also the sample from Urban Decay I didn't try yet.

More about the products will come soon when I may do a look or something similar! But for now I wanted to show you how they look new before I try them out and be able to tell you want I think.

Do you have KIKO products? And if so, what and do you like it?


  1. Ein toller Haul meine Liebe, vorallem das Augenbrauenkit spricht mich total an! :)

    Liebe Grüße,


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