My own Christmas Wishlist 2015

I admit, it has been too long. But since I was in the middle of the midterm phase and my ending my study is a priority, I decided to keep things low here and concentrate on studying. If everything went good I only have two exams left at all! Crazy!
But since yesterday I finally have time to think about Christmas and presents. Sometimes I find it quite hard, especially when I want to find some gifts for people I hardly ever see (or know quite well). We are doing Secret Santa in my family and also with some uni friends, and also my friends, parents and my brother are on my  list.
I can also only imagine how hard it might be to find some presents for me, even though I would say that there are quite a lot of things I would wish for and be happy to receive.

But also I want to address that I don't expect any of those wishes to come true, some of them are too expensive that I would want somebody to buy them for me. Anyway, some things I love are affordable and others might be inspirational. I am not a person who likes expensive gifts, I more appreciate well-conceived presents.
Some of them I might have also mentioned in previous gift guides. And also this post might be an inspiration what you could give to your beloved ones (and not necessarily to me ;) )

The biggest wish of all, which has been on my list for quite some time (maybe about a year now?) is the Sony Alpha 6000, for which I now wish more than ever. I have an older version of it, which seems to be reaching its end of life. I would love to have the white version but unfortunately it is not so easy to get as the black one. But we will see when I might upgrade for it! (Because I am not expecting somebody to pay 500€ for me)
Going with it I keep thinking about getting a Softbox to be able to take pictures even in my dark room, and not always have to squeeze everything on the window sill.

My mum kindly sent me an advent calendar (even though she keeps telling me each year it would be the last one) and I got a perfume sample of the Paco Rabanne Olympae perfume and I instantly fell in love with it!! It is so nice, bloomy and feminine. Especially for the colder months a very nice scent!

Like I already mentioned in previous Christmas posts I am a fan of The Body Shop. I think you can find a lot of nice presents there and I am especially very curious about the Fuji Green Tea range. But I have to admit I am not so keen on paying a lot of money for this, but their Christmas bundles are so nice.
The dry winter air is taking its toll on my skin, which is so flaky and has a lot of dry patches. I already have a nice Eucerin skin care and I would love to extend my skin care in using a proper night cream. I am a bit scared that skin care irritates me more than it helps, but I found Eucerin doing a good job!
I also mentioned the brush set by Zoeva, here the gold rose version which not only looks beautiful but would also be a good addition to my make-up collection.
As is the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3, which has such pretty rosy eye shadows.

Totally different from this is another thing I already mentioned. Precisely it is a book I wanted to read for so long. It's The Girl On The Train I nearly already bought, but I wanted it in English and couldn't get it when I was at the airport before our summer holiday. I am not the best reader, mostly I only read during holidays so the last book took me half a year to finish it. (It was Ken Follett Fall of Giants - but in German)

I normally don't want any fashion or accessories as presents because I can be very picky. But when somebody knows specifically what I like or what I would wish for. One thing I keep having my eye on would be a pair of Adidas Sneakers. I noticed don't having a proper, nice pair of shoes which are not too chic neither too sporty, so these white ones would be a good addition.

Since last year I am so in love with coats! There are so many nice ones out there, and I already have a nice selection. But there would be one I would love to add! Some like this nice grey Coat from Vero Moda would be a nice option next to my black and light pink coats. But until now I couldn't really justify buying another coat.

Since I got my DW watch for my birthday I really fell in love with wearing watches. I do enjoy not having to search for my phone to get the time. I have a leather and a fabric strap to change it up a little. I saw this Cluse watch on Instagram, it is something classy and would look so good on my wrist. Even though it is not something I expected myself to like, I really fell in love with it! (Unfortunately I cannot wear a watch from time to time when my skin is too irritated.)

Another thing I would love to own one time, would be the Fujifilm Instax 210, a polaroid camera which makes nice wide pictures.
I just received an order, but this KIKO blush is something I sadly missed out on.
Something I always admired are the ANNAIJ bracelets! These are so simple, delicate and beautiful! Unfortunately they cost a fortune, so I even don't want to wish for one.
Presents you can always give to people are pictures in any form! If a poster, on canvas, an album or something else. I love my own pictures and could look at them forever, therefore printed versions of them would be something I would always be happy to get! (I gave my mom two posters of Venice from our mother-daughter-trip and it always reminds me of the great time we had there!)

Putting this wish list together made me feel greedy, but as I said I don't expect anyone to buy me something big and expensive (or anything at all). But I also know how hard it can be to find suitable stuff that's why I share my wishes with you and hope you get some inspiration of it!

Tell me what are your wishes for this Christmas?