Christmas Look and Outfit

Before it's too late I thought I share my Christmas look with you! Normally I don't really dress up on the 24th as it is just with my parents, so this was my look for the 25th of December. We celebrate this day with the relatives from my mom's side of the family in our house. I was so lucky that I could already use some new products I got as presents (my What I got for Christmas will come soon!) so I wanted to show you what I did.

Rose became something like a new favorite color of mine and I think it suits me quite well with my dark brown hair. This shirt is from Forever21 and it's one of my favorite when I want to look nice but not too dressy. I honestly don't remember where I got the necklace from (either also F21 or H&M). I paired it with a comfy black mini-skirt and thick tights.

My hair was not cooperating because I desperately needed a haircut and my hair dresser was ill the days before Christmas (Don't worry, I eventually got my hair cut). So I made these big waves with my hair straightener which I will show you soon on this blog.

The make-up was more or less the same as each normal day. BUT I used the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette I got for Christmas! It has the nicest colors and they went so well with my outfit. I used the shades Liar, Mugshot and Strange to create something like a rosy look. For a better definition of my eye I made a rather thick black line with the Kiko Cosmetics Definition Eyeliner. I used pretty much the same face products as in my Kiko Cosmetics Make-up look. On my lips I wore the Kiko Cosmetics Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick in Pink Carnation (613) and a bit of Mac Cosmetics Hot Gossip on top.

Are you more of a casual/comfy person on Christmas, or do you like to dress up?
I enjoy making myself pretty from time to time, but nothing against some soft lounge wear!!