Essie - Virgin Snow

It's been a while since I posted something about an Essie nail polish. But not long ago I came across a new beauty and simply couldn't resist. I didn't intend to buy one and even though I always look at the counter if there is something new I'd fancy. I haven't used any nail polish for weeks until I got one at Christmas because my nails were really damaged. But I also bought a new base coat to make the polish last longer and now I am back in the game!

The one I picked up is Virgin Snow a really nice pastel (no surprise) lilac color. It's really subtle and I only needed two coats for a nice finish.
I used a base coat from Kiko and it lasted quite long! (about 5 days when I took care of it). Some of the nails are still good after one week.

Virgin Snow will definitely be a new favorite for me and a nice addition for my pastel collection!

Did you get some from the Winter 2015 edition?
Are there certain colors you go for on your nails?