Kiko Cosmetics Brush Cleanser

Since I got my Zoeva Brush Set I am determined to be a good person and look after them. They are not the cheapest ones and I want them to last as long as possible. But I am pretty new to the topic of brush cleaning and at first didn't know what the best way is. I am still not sure how you clean your make-up brushes in the best way but now I want to show you the first product I tried.

As mentioned I had no clue about cleaning brushes and I just wanted to get some easy available product. So I went for the Kiko Cosmetics Brush Cleanser which is available for 5,90€. Until now I've only seen the British Youtubers cleansing their brushes with different kinds under water in the sink and at first I also expected this. But this cleanser is without washing it out which really surprised me and I was unsure how this should work.

So simply you take your dirty brush and spray some of the cleanser on it. Then you just wipe it clean with a cloth or a face tissue. For the first time I used a paper towel (because I somehow lack in face tissues) and tried to wipe everything off. But somehow it took forever and I am not sure it even got clean. So I think there is still some foundation left on it, but it does work (man the paper towel was dirty!!).  

I am thinking about getting an additional cleanser, maybe curd soap, to use them together for a better result!

How are you cleaning your make-up brushes and can you recommend me something? Have you tried this cleanser from Kiko and if so what do you say about it?



  1. Hi :) I'm usually cleaning my brushes with a little bit soap and water! This works very well! :) Have a nice evening! Xo Leni


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