What I got for Christmas 2015

This Christmas has been an interesting one. I normally get a bit stressed being around a lot of people, everybody expecting something of you and the only thing I could talk about was my living misery. Well this was how it has been the last few family come togethers. This time I tried my best. The week before Christmas was really nice and I finally could rest and enjoy myself a bit.

 I find it quite weird how gifting developed. Since I don't live at home anymore it is pretty hard for my family to find something I would wish for. I don't feel different because I often don't know what they are into at the moment. So my mum simply asks me and therefore I already knew some of my presents (or even ordered them myself). But I won't complain. I am so happy and the presents I got were the best ever!!

I will give you an overview, because I will show you some of these items anyway in different blogposts! The first thing I have to mention is this big thing of a Polaroid camera. I got the Fujifilm Instax 210 from my boyfriend. It takes nice wide pictures (different to the Instax Mini 8 which might be more handy to carry but I prefer the wide pictures). I haven't used it yet but my resolution is to take on picture of everybody who visits me in my new flat (provided I find one).
I also got a book from my bf. I have been wanting The Girl on the Train for months but always in English and I couldn't find it. But now I am already through more than half of it and I always want to read, which is new to me because normally it takes me ages to finish a book (so it must be a good one!!).

My mum is so lovely! Even though she said there is no use to give me another eye shadow palette because I have so many. Mum, I don't have a lot (well it depends on with whom you want to compare me) but I use all of what I have a lot. So she got me a make-up brushes set from Zoeva which contains 10 brushes and a clutch (I will show you more soon). And the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 which I immediately fell in love with (and I will also show you more). 

She also bought me a puzzle which I left at home (but I already put it together!) and my parents were so nice to support me to buy a new phone. I bought the Samsung Galaxy S6 in gold-platinum. My old phone (Sony Xperia Z1) wasn't doing the trick anymore since the camera was horrible (if you follow me on twitter you might have seen a comparing picture). I am really pleased with my new one and I often only take pictures with it instead of my system camera.
For Christmas 2014 I got a book from my mum for which I took 6 months to finish it (yep, slow reader). So this Christmas I got the sequel to it, Ken Follett Winter der Welt. But this one has to wait!

I also have a very very lovely friend who really spoilt me this year! Maybe it was because I surprised her with a dm Box at the beginning of December because I don't know why I'd deserve so much. She got me quite some stuff from Kiko Cosmetics. She got me the Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit, Eyes 240 brush and the Velvet Satin Nail Lacquer in the beautiful colour 694 Honeydew Melon (more to it soon).

I also got the Super Stars Set containing of a Double Booster, a mascara and eyeliner duo and a black kajal. I especially like to mascara/eyeliner thing which comes in really handy when I sleepover at my bf's. Even though the wand of the mascara is HUGE.

The biggest thing in my gift box from my friend was the Bh cosmetics 120 Color Palette eyeshadow collection. It is huge and has a great selection of colors, even though I am not sure if I'd use the bright pink ones. Do you want to see some make-up looks with it? There are some new shades I'd never picked out but might be something new and a great alternative to my ordinary everyday look.

I am so thankful for all the gifts I got! Since I don't live at home anymore I couldn't carry everything with me to Vienna in my already full suitcase.
But I also got a stone-sculpture (handmade!!) from my uncle, a Werwolf Game from my brother and his girlfriend (we already played it at new year's eve) and Caffé Latte Glasses with spoons.

I am very sorry this blogpost comes so late after Christmas but time flew by. I really enjoyed the holidays but now I am back having to study and I also started my internship.
So I hope you don't mind and I promise there will be some new posts coming in the next few weeks. I'd love if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter (both @Minavarina) to see more of my everyday life.

I am also interested in what you got for Christmas! So leave me a comment with your gifts, what was your favourite one?



  1. Super coole Sachen! Vor allem "The Girl on the train". Ich fand das Buch SO toll!!

    Love, Kerstin


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