Winter Outfit of the Day

It took quite some time until the first time I saw snow this winter. Well saw and touched. First, it didn't really snow in Vienna until after Christmas, and it also didn't on the countryside where I was. Coming back to my parents home on the 4th of January I couldn't really believe myself. I LOVE snow and I get really excited each time, so it was no surprise I decided to get into the garden and walk around in the soft, white beauty.

If there is one thing that's for sure than it is that it's cold when there is snow outside. So I had to layer up to not get cold the time I am outside. That I love pastel colours should not be surprising if you follow me on Instagram. I chose this blue jumper from H&M which is not the longest one (at least on my body) but it's quite thick and the sleeves have a nice length. 
The hat is one of those my mom made herself and it surely became a favorite of mine!

The scarf is from Vero Moda and has a nice subtle color mixture of white, mintgreen and the lightest shade of lilac. The blue you can see underneath was an extra scarf I wore because I had a sore throat and a cough. And something blue helps against cough, or so...
The main item is my big light pink coat from Morgan I got at the end of last winter. I am not sure if it is still available somewhere since I bought it in a small store in my local home town and could never find it anywhere else.

Something I would never ever leave at home anymore (when I don't forget :D ) is my Daniel Wellington watch. And excuse my red hand, my skin has its bad days and it was proper cold outside.
Last but not least a pair of black high waist jeans from Bik Bok (my favorite) and boots from Manas Design. I've had these shoes for over 5 years now and they are the best in the snowy streets. Unfortunately they seem to get a bit damaged so I am not sure they will last another year.

So this is my favorite winter look I would wear everyday if it would be acceptable.
And yes, I used a selfie stick! I still need to persuade and convince the people around me. It's not so easy when you are with people who don't care about photography as much.

Do you have a "to-go-look" for winter?
This would definitely be mine!



  1. Ich habe eigentlich keinen Winterlook, den ich täglich tragen würde. Wenn ich mit meiner Hündin raus muss und wir lange spazieren gehen, dann packe ich mich in meinen (uralten) dicken Daunenmantel ein, denn der wärmt richtig gut. Sonst liebe ich Hauben wirklich sehr! Und Fäustlinge. :)
    Toller Post und lieb, dass deine Mama die Mütze selbst gemacht hat!



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