Moving Inspiration

Yes, I am moving! (AGAIN)
And I have to admit I somehow enjoy the whole process of it! Normally I use this to get rid off a lot of things and have a proper clear-out. I moved several times in the last few years and from year to year my needs change and I find "new" things I don't need anymore (and clear out to have more space).
This time around it won't be different and also I have to get some new furniture and utensils.
I was browsing through the internet to find new things and get some inspiration in how I want everything to look like.
The problem is that I don't have a flat yet. So I make plans without having a plan and can only guess on what could maybe fit. Therefore most of this is only inspirational and I won't at all buy it until I am really sure.
After all this years in (very) different flats I quite know how I want everything and what I would need. I have collected a lot of things but there are still some missing or need to be replaced.
One thing would be tea towels, of which I have some but they've gotten a bit worn out and also I would like some pretty ones. I found these at H&M and I fell in love! I am not sure that I will have a green theme going on in my kitchen but they are really lovely! Also this chopping board is so pretty.
Like everything else on the first picture also the mirror is from H&M which I imagine to look great at the door (to have a last quick look at yourself before you head out ;) ).
I have never bought anything from H&M Home before but I found quite a lot of stuff now which I really want to get soon.

I guess the main shop to look for furniture is probably Ikea! I am already scared of what moving might cost for me so I will definitely try to save money wherever I can. Until now nearly everything I have is from Ikea (except one lamp and a carpet) but time and moving a lot is not the best for this furniture. Therefore I am looking for a new bed, a closet and eventually a couch (when I finally have enough money for that!).
Currently I have the Brimnes bed which I really really love and also a simple white Pax closet. I would go again for a Pax but maybe bigger with some nice drawers but this may be too expensive so my alternative might be this Trysil together with a dresser.
The Stockholm TV-Bank would also be something I could only which for, as well as the Söderhamn couch which has the most beautiful color!  (Yes, all not in my budget...)
If I had enough space and also someone who dusts everything for me I would place the Vittsjö shelf in the living room.
I also like to take a look at Tchibo for some new home stuff and they do have some things at the moment! The cosy chair would be a nice piece for my room if we have a living room for the couch where I would put the coffee tables. Also I would use the secretary as a dressing table for my make-up.
Tchibo also often has so lovely dishes and I am sure I will get myself some new mugs in March when their Easter campaign is out!! (SO EXCITED FOR THEM!!)

Moving brings a lot of costs, not only the commission, I would also need a washing machine and eventually a dinner table with chairs (and MAN chairs can be expensive!!). Do you have any tips where you can get some good (cheap) tables and chairs?
So we will see how it turns out and if you like it I will keep doing more posts on my moving process!



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