Spring Fashion Inspiration

Sorry I've been absent for so long! I am really stuck in my quarter-life-crisis that it is becoming quite hard to manage everything.
But I am now trying my best and I am back with a little inspiration post. Lately the only thing I could do (but actually cannot really do) is shopping! Especially clothes. Not everything but if I do like something I have to have it. This led me to buy a grey coat (even though I have a thousand coats..) but now I want to show you what's on my want-list for spring.
Some of these are already waiting in my shopping basket in online shops until I finally have money to afford it (I guess this won't happen so soon).
But anyway, one of my must-haves for spring is a light (trench-)coat. I have one from last year which I bought at Forever21 in grey and I absolutely adore it. Vero Moda also has some of these nice coats and I got myself this one (but in black). I was not brave enough to order it in marsala because I find myself getting tired of bright colors pretty soon. Another nice color would be khaki, this shorter coat also from Vero Moda.
Since I am working I am wearing a lot of blazers where I prefer the longer and loose fitted once (our office is not that fancy) so this shell pink blazer from New Look would make a great every-day piece.
My favourite tops at the moment are simple white once with a light pattern like stripes. Even though I am not a fan of red I quite like this stripy shirt from New Look as well as the feather print one from Tom Tailor Denim.
Not so typical for spring is a black skinny jeans but since it is my favorite I can't keep it from you. These skinny jeans from Bik Bok are the comfiest pair ever and 33'' is fortunately long enough for me.
As accessories I would need some new sun glasses like those two from Le specs, or a nice (popular) backpack from Herschel.

Actually shoes have become a passion of mine.
I was never a person with a lot of (expensive) shoes. Like I rather buy some cheap cloth shoes instead of investing in a proper pair. But especially for the last one or two years I quite fell in love with nice shoes and having a good variety of pairs at home.

At first I started with a pair of white Converse which after one and a half years seem to dissolve now. I am still thinking about getting a new pair but I am not sure because they don't have the best comfort. So what do you say about Converse?
So to get more comfort I got the Nike Free 5.0 in black, but honestly I won't get them again. They are very nice to wear but I wanted a nice pair for the city and they do look a bit too sporty. To be more fashionable I would go for the grey Nike Juvenate or the popular Adidas Stan Smith, where I prefer the Miss Stan version because it doesn't make the feet as big. Unfortunately they are quite small so I had to send them back and now I want to wait for more money to afford them.
The two other pairs which caught my eye are the Zign sneakers in rose-gold metallic or rose with a reptile optic.

Not sneakers but also very comfortable are the Birkenstock slippers. I got my Madrid pair one year ago and I love it so much that I wear them all year round (at home or out of the house). If I would go for another pair of Madrid Birkenstock I would choose these once in baby blue. But actually I am opting for those metallic copper Arizona once which might offer a bit more comfort.

I really hope this massive inspiration was not too much for you but everytime I get a bit anxious and bored of life I tend to do "online shopping" (where I actually don't buy anything).
Also if you have your own spring wishes and pieces please tell me I am open for all new things to change up my wardrobe!

Now I am really trying to get back into blogging regularly and also if you have any ideas for a blogpost leave them right under this post.



  1. Wie schön! Da bekomme ich gleich (noch mehr) Lust auf den Frühling!

    Liebe Grüße und noch alles Gute beim Schreiben deiner Masterarbeit,


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