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Hello back!
So it has been a while, one month to be exact, but so much has happened. I've been talking about moving a lot before but it has become quite stressful to find something as I had to move out of my old flat at the end of April. I somehow have the feeling that searching for a flat is never easy but especially for me it was quite a challenge. I didn't know where to go, because a shared flat is too much of a risk for me and living alone seemed to expensive to do.
Still I had to make a decision where I want to "end up", and I did.
First I was talking to a study colleague about living together but what I was looking for was too expensive for her to afford. So we then decided to let it go because of our different wishes.

So then I started looking for a flat on my own which proofed to be stressful. Most of the times I had to be more than quick (I checked real estate websites at least every 30min and contacted immediately) and still I didn't get one. At the first real flat I would say yes to I was the third one to view and still had no luck. When I then found a new renovated flat in the 7th district of Vienna I was so unsure about the location. If you don't know also Vienna has some "problem spots" (I guess they are still not bad compared to other, bigger cities) and one of them is around the metro line U6. So even when viewing the flat I got stressed because it was so nice on the inside but the surroundings...
I eventually said yes and also did get the flat! So at the 20th of April I got the keys and since then I was moving in. We took a cab to get my mattress from the old flat to my new one so I could already sleep here.
This is the main reason why I was absent these last weeks, because moving is a lot to do and to organize. Last Friday I finally gave back the keys so my old flat and the misery there is past and I can move on!
I really appreciate my new flat even though there is still so much to do and it looks like chaos from one corner to another.

Additionally I signed my first real job contract on Monday and will soon be working as a real employee and not only as an intern. This is another step towards being an adult but I won't lie it scares the sh** out of me!
Now I have to commit myself to something for more than just a few months but rather some years. So I will be staying in Vienna at least for some time (to make use out of the money I spent for the flat) but finally my days as a broke student will also end.

I was also absent because I had no wifi for 2 weeks and the data on my phone ran out. Now I am back and I have a lot to show you! So I hope you are ready for some new content, some posts about interior and more cooking!
If you have any suggestions or anything you want to know just ask.



  1. Ich freu mich so für dich und deine neue Wohnung. Ich finde sie sieht auch wunderschön aus auf den Bildern. Bin schon total gespannt auf Bilder wenn du sie fertig eingerichtet hast :)

    Love, Kerstin


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