The Cult Beauty Box by Anna & Lily

I have to admit, it has been a while but I wanted to do this blog post anyway. Some time ago Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup and Lily Pebbles had their own beauty box to sell from Cult Beauty. I've been following both of them for some years now and they are by far my favourite (British) youtubers and bloggers. Especially beauty- and healthwise I really appreciate them and so I had no doubts that I want to support them and get their box.
The box consists of 7 beauty products which both really like and can recommend. I've heard them talking about each one of them a lot and some I have been really intrigued from the beginning. Some I don't know where I could get them from here in Austria (I know you can get them shipped - also from Cult beauty - but I would prefer going to a real shop or some Austrian online shop) or I thought they are too expensive anyway.
Anna and Lily both said the box saves you about 40% - which is quite good if you consider to buy some of the products. I just wanted to treat myself a bit and paid about 110€ (85 Pfund) for the box which arrived quite fast.

As mentioned it consists of 7 products, from hair and skin care to beauty. Considering I am not a person to buy a lot of (more) expensive products and also rarely something more than 15€ (I prefer everything under 10€) they are not my usual target.
I tried to use and test them before telling you anything but due to some skin problems I faced (haha literally...) I decided to also leave you with some short descriptions. I also add the prices of the full products and bear in mind not all of them are full size!

The first product is the hyped Sundy Riley LUNA Sleeping Night Oil which comes in a small blue bottle with a dropper. I am not the best with using oils but since I am in my own flat I try to have a good skin care routine. The oil itself is blue too, which doesn't stain the skin, but I have to say I absolutely hate the smell. Each time I try to use it I am considering to wash it down because it makes me a bit sick. I am confused about the smell because I never heard someone talk about that which makes me wonder if I am just sensitive or my bottle is bad. (85 £)

The Wet Brush was something I had on my wish list for some time but never knew where I can get it from. My curly hair can get very tangled and a good brush is essential for it, which I know now after buying a crappy one. I have a very good brush which doesn't look like this one at all so I was unsure if it would work. Also I am always brushing my hair wet which keeps my curls together and is also easier to do. I am now using the wet brush from time to time and I do like it. It makes its way through my curls and also leaves them nice to style and not frizzy at all. I am so happy I got it! (11.99 £)

The Jade Face Roller is probably the weirdest out of all and I didn't know when I should ever use it. Funnily enough it was one of the first products I tried as I was having a red, irritated face and was looking for something to cool it down. It really helped but got warm after massaging my face so unfortunately I had to stop early. It's a nice gimmick and good to have when you suffer from irritated skin. (Medium 28 £)

When I was in London the last time I hesitated buying a Stila product because they seemed a bit expensive to me. I was really happy to get the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black in this box and took it for an intensiv test to the swimming pool. It didn't last for one and a half hours of swimming (the real sport) but I normally don't wear any make-up at all for that. The nib is quite hard but I got used to it and the black is really nice and stays on for all day. I don't suffer from runny eyes or something special so I can only tell from my experience. But it also gets of quite easily when I use a waterproof eye make-up remover (like the last one from Balea I showed you). (13 £)

Becca is a rather hyped brand but not very known here. The Backlight Priming Filter is only a travel size one which could get empty too soon. Mainly because each time I use it the pump gets out way too much product so even if I try to be careful I end up with more I could use on my face. The highlight is super nice and subtle and for sure something I will keep on using. (32£)

The Pixi Milky Mist is the only product I am still not sure of. It's a hydrating mist you can use before or after make-up, in the morning, evening or during day if your skin feels a bit dry. I tried it some times in the morning before putting on make-up and it feels quite nice but I can imagine that it's quite handy during summer to refresh. (18£)

My favourite of all is the Oskia Rennaisance Cleanser which is definitely helping my attempt to have a better skin care routine. It's a gel which foams with water when you rub it into your skin. The cleanser is nice and gentle, has a good smell and gets rid of all make-up you could be wearing. I still prefer to use a make-up remover first but this cleanser detects even the last bits which could be left. My sensitive skin feels nourished and and really good after using it so it has for sure become an important step in my skin care. ((100ml) £29.50)

So I hope this gave you a small insight on the products and how I get on with them. Overall I am very happy I treated myself even though the amount I paid still hurts me a bit.
Anyway I like to support Anna and Lily so this makes me a bit more happy too and hopefully I can meet them some day.

Please let me know if you have any experience with one of the products and how you get on with it!



  1. Diese Box sieht wirklich toll aus - und diese Produkte sind bestimmt klasse! Ein toller Post :)
    Liebe Grüsse, Carmen -

  2. die box sieht so ungalublich toll aus
    und die produkte erst

    alles Liebe deine AMELY ROSE


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